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Banyuwangi Since 1771

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Banyuwangi history can not be separated from the history of the Kingdom Blambangan. In the mid-17th century, is part of the Kingdom of Banyuwangi Blambangan led by Prince Tawang Alun. At this time in administrative VOC Blambangan as the region considers its control, on the basis of the handover eastern Java (including Blambangan) by Pakubuwono II to the VOC. However VOC never really stuck his reign until the end of the 17th century, when the British government to establish trade relations with Blambangan. The area now known as "complex Inggrisan" is a former British trade office. [Citation needed]
VOC immediately moved to secure its power over Blambangan in the late 18 th century. This sparked a major war for five years (1767-1772). In war there is a fierce battle called Bayu Puputan as a last kingdom Blambangan to escape the shackles of VOC. Bayu Puputan battle took place on December 18, 1771 which was finally set as the anniversary of Banyuwangi. But ultimately VOC who gained victory with the appointment of R. Wiroguno I (Mas Alit) as the first regent of Banyuwangi and mark the collapse of the kingdom Blambangan.
Famous fictional historical figure is the daughter of Sri Tanjung killed by her husband in the river because of her doubts about the fetus in the womb is not a child but the result of an affair when she was left alone into battle. With a promise to her husband swear the princess said: "If the blood flow in the fetus is fishy indeed is not yours but if it smells good (fragrant) then this baby is yours". So instantaneous blood flow into the river smell fragrant, then menyesalah her husband, known as Raden Banterang and named the area as Banyuwangi.
Another historical figure is Minak Djinggo, the Duke of Blambangan who rebelled against the Majapahit kingdom and be crushed by the messenger of Majapahit, namely Damarwulan. But is not the real name of Minak Djinggo original name of the duke Blambangan. The name was given by the Majapahit as a form of mockery to Brhe Wirabumi who are descendants of the kingdom of Majapahit.
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